5 Delicious Flavors of Commercially Compostable Espresso Pods

5 Delicious Flavors of Commercially Compostable Espresso Pods

5 Delicious Flavors of Commercially Compostable Espresso Pods

The flavor of a great espresso, on its own or used in a classic beverage such as the cappuccino, can truly be the perfect accompaniment to a great experience.

But somewhere along the way, the growing problems of the coffee industry are tarnishing our love affair. The desire for convenience has led to an overabundance of plastic waste. While the need to keep up with consumer demand has overburdened coffee farmers as well as the lands used.

It’s these same industry problems that have brought us to where we are today. Our founders and everyone else involved in Smile Coffee Werks® understood that there is a better way to produce and provide great coffee with single-cup convenience in a sustainable way.

It’s what led us to run a coffee manufacturing business that’s not only carbon neutral but gives back to the coffee growing regions to help mitigate the environmental impact. While that alone could be viewed as a game-changer, our mission wouldn’t be possible without some coffee pod innovation.

Innovative Pods

All our coffee pods, including our espresso pods that are compatible with Nespresso Original brewers, utilize plant-based materials that are designed to commercially compost in just 12 weeks. Our pods are also designed to be moisture and oxygen-resistant, which helps our coffee stay fresh for 12+ months without the use of added plastic wrappers or packaging.

What this means is that we can produce a commercially compostable pod, be carbon neutral, and retain freshness without the use of plastic packaging. This is key to our mission. And while the coffee pods are little compostable miracles on their own, our espresso pod flavors are pure coffee gold.

Espresso Origins

While some may dispute the year or even the city of origin, there’s no question that this quick and mighty dose of coffee was first ‘expressed’ in Italy. While the actual type of bean used can vary, a proper espresso bean must have a medium to dark roast – ensuring the right amount of flavor and crema are produced during the faster, pressed process an espresso machine uses versus a standard, slower drip coffee machine.

For our Espresso Pod coffee flavors, we use either Arabica beans or a combo of Arabica and Robusta beans…giving each coffee flavor its signature profile. All of our beans provide the smoothness great coffee delivers, yet won’t lack the caffeine nor crema, (the golden froth found with finer coffee), coffee lovers desire.

With five Espresso flavors available, our medium to dark roast options are sure to satisfy your pallet and the increasing need to be mindful of more sustainable options for our planet.

Flavors compatible with Your Favorite Espresso Pod Brewers

Espresso - Smile Coffee Werks

A classic moment, whether taking a break from the hustle and bustle or enjoying a moment outdoors, can be your moment. A moment from the mundane. A moment from the tension. A moment that feels taken from an Italian café.

Espresso is our interpretation of the classic. It delivers a bright flavor and exquisite taste whether on its own or used in your favorite café-style drink.

Coffee Highlights:




The perfect blend. It’s what makes experiences…great. An evening out with friends, a stroll through your favorite park, dancing in the rain. When the right combinations come together, it’s unforgettable.

LaCrema is the result of its own perfect combination. Blending water, temperature, pressure, and coffee…finishing with its signature golden brown frothy top. A creamy, rich taste that earns its golden name.

Coffee Highlights:



Lungo - Smile Coffee Werks

Long summer evenings. A long cold winter. Hours can seem like days. Minutes can feel like hours. Time is exact and unwavering, yet can be stretched to feel longer – great for those who attempt to make every moment count.

Lungo, Italian for long, is a subdued espresso with notes of fig and chocolate. Designed for a longer extraction time and more water content, it’s the longer extraction time that allows the rich, bold flavor to shine through…as you make each Lungo moment count.

Coffee Highlights:



Ristretto - Smile Coffee Werks

A quick encounter, a flash of lightning, a trail from a shooting star. Sometimes, the shorter the experience, the sweeter it is. Short…and sweet.

Our Ristretto follows that same path. With a darker roast and notes of cherry and chocolate, it’s crafted for higher levels of sweetness that come from a shorter extraction.

Coffee Highlights:



Decaf - Smile Coffee Werks

The smell and flavor of coffee in the morning is a wonderful thing. But having that experience in the evening is tough when sleep is not a luxury. If only there was a way to enjoy a coffee experience without the fear of a sleepless night. If only.

For those that want the joy of great coffee without the caffeinated buzz, our Decaf is the perfect end to any day. A well-balanced option that won’t let you feel like you’re missing something. No FOMO here!

Coffee Highlights:



Five awesome flavors, all available with our commercially compostable and carbon neutral pods, compatible with Nespresso Original brewers. Our espresso pods are made with plant-based materials and are designed to keep the air out for maximum freshness, without the use of plastic packaging. We’ve made it our mission to make coffee, and the environment, better.

Please remember to do your part and compost…you can find a compost center at FindAComposter.com.

Just getting started with Smile Coffee Werks® coffee? Try our 4 Flavor Variety Pack. With a variety of flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect coffee for each of your daily moments.

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