Get answers to all your questions about Smile from our sustainable sourcing to the composting process.

What Makes Smile Coffee Werks Pods Truly Sustainable?

Sustainability In Beans & Roasters

We source all our beans responsibly from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and collaborate with a variety of roasters, right now based in Germany. Stay tuned for additional US Partnerships coming soon!  

Sustainability In Pod Manufacturing

Our pods are manufactured in Germany where they produce our capsules exclusively with energies from wind, sun, hydropower and biogas.

We hold a huge list of certifications such as BPI certified and OK COMPOST according to TÜV Austria / Vincotte since December 2017 (Nespresso® compatible pods), BPA & PFAS Free, Certified BPI Commercially Compostable (Certificate #10528936).

The bio capsule material is biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 14855.

The sealing ring is compostable according to supplier's declaration and certified according to DIN EN 13432:2000-12.

Sustainability In Product Packaging

Our product’s outer packaging is made from recycled paperboard without added plastic bags, wrappers or seals and is fully recyclable

Sustainability In Fulfillment

Our supply chain is certified Climate Neutral through ClimatePartner (ID 1442-2003-1001)

We help support seven of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals for ending extreme poverty, reducing inequality and protecting the planet by 2030.

Sustainability For Our Customers

Our pods are Commercially Compostable in just 12 weeks without having to remove lids or clean containers. Just pop the pod right in your compost bin after enjoying a great tasting cup of coffee.

Coffee FAQ's

Is Your Coffee Certified Organic?

Our coffee isn’t “Certified Organic”. This decision was intentional when we were choosing how to source our beans, as part of our sustainability mission we wanted to make sure we offered opportunity to the smaller local farmers that may not be able to afford expensive Organic Certifications. The farms we source from do utilize top notch environmental practices and adhere to sustainability practices set forth by the Rainforest Alliance. They are reviewed by third party agencies and need to adhere to standards set forth by Rainforest Alliance's 3 pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. 

Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

Our coffee comes from what we consider to be the best farms in the world from Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Sumatra, India, Colombia, Nicaragua and Brazil. We source all of our beans responsibly from Rain Forest Alliance certified farms. These farms do produce organic beans, however they do not hold the “Certified Organic” seal.

Does Your Coffee Contain Flavor Enhancers?

No, our coffee is full of flavor, but does not contain any flavor enhancers.

Who Roasts Your Coffee?

We work with a variety of roasters throughout the world, including North America.

Pod FAQ's

Are Your Pods Really Compostable?

Yes, they are. All pod materials are tested and certified as meeting the ASTM D6400 standard (compostable in aerobic municipal and industrial composting facilities.) Take a look at our certifications on Our Story Page by clicking here.

How Do I Compost Your Pod?

How Long Do Your Capsules Last?

Our capsules are oxygen-tight and have a shelf life up to 12+ months.

Does The Pod Come With Excess, Unnecessary Bag Packaging In Addition To The Box?

Isn’t the number 1 rule of sustainability "Reduce”? Smile Coffee Werks thinks so, and has reduced the need for a carbon-generating bag, while still providing the longest shelf life and maintaining our best-in-class compostability.

*Please be careful when ordering any pods on-line. Most do not show the excess carbon bag packaging with their pods, nor claim the correct OTR rating.

Does Your Pod Contain Any Plastic?

Smile Coffee Werks pods do not contain petroleum-based plastics. Instead, they made from sustainable plant-based materials.

Are Your Pods BPA OR PFAS free?

Yes, Smile Coffee Werks pods are tested and certified BPA and PFAS free.

Is Your Pod Climate & Carbon Neutral?

Smile Coffee Werks pods are certified Climate Neutral through ClimatePartner, which makes our supply chain a carbon neutral process.