Commercially Compostable Coffee Pods Compatible With Keurig Brewers Available In 3 Amazing Flavors

Commercially Compostable Coffee Pods Compatible With Keurig Brewers Available In 3 Amazing Flavors

Commercially Compostable K-Cup® Style Coffee Pods In 3 Amazing Flavors

How do you define a great cup of coffee? That can be a bit tricky to answer for sure, with many different responses. The overall flavor is important, as is the type of roast. And while some are simply after the caffeine jolt to begin their busy day ahead, others see their coffee as an opportunity to experience a moment. Though there’s no wrong answer to define a great cup of coffee, we at Smile Coffee Werks® begin to answer this question a bit differently than most – sustainability.

Our path started because of what we saw as growing problems with coffee pod waste and the coffee industry as a whole. Problems that were worth trying to fix by being environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible. But to make our vision a reality, we first had to tackle the pod.

Working with key partners like the Rain Forest Alliance, USDA, ClimatePartner and BPI, and using innovative packaging technology, we’re able to deliver commercially compostable K-Cup style coffee pods that are fully compatible with Keurig and other K-Cup brewing machines – an accomplishment that makes us, and other environmental supporters, very proud.

Innovative Pods

Smile Coffee Werks® coffee pods and packaging are true breakthroughs for our vision. The moisture-resistant and oxygen-tight capsules will stay fresh on shelves for 12+ months without the use of excess plastic wrappers or bags. What’s truly remarkable is that our pods are made from plant-based materials that commercially compost in just 12 weeks – not hundreds of years. No more need for plastic or metal-designed pods, and no more guilt with your coffee convenience.

While solving the pod challenge was critical to our mission, we know it all comes down to how the coffee tastes. For us it was simple, start with the best Arabica coffee beans from the best Central and South American coffee regions.

Arabica All Day

All day, any day. For our three K-Cup® flavors, we use 100% Arabica beans from some of the best coffee producing countries in Central and South America. Arabica beans are naturally sweeter, which is perfect for the smooth and balanced flavor a more traditional cup of coffee requires. Now, let’s uncover each of our three flavors, created to maximize the enjoyment of your K-Cup® convenience.

Three Amazing Commercially Compostable K-Cup® Style Coffee Pod Flavors

For K-Cup® style coffee brewers we have three amazing flavors, medium to dark roast, that can be enjoyed interchangeably – depending on your mood or time of day!



Woke Up
Woke Up

Sometimes, life is all about the little moments that we capture. Sitting outside, in the country, or overlooking a city street, just as your surroundings are waking up...there’s a calmness that’s inviting. It’s the beginning of a new day.

Our signature dark roast blend boasts a full body and presents a sweet, chocolate aroma with a bold nutty finish. As the name implies, Woke Up is a great choice to get the day started. It’s our flavor choice that pairs nicely with that morning calm – even if it’s just on your couch.

Coffee Highlights:




It’s after lunch, but the day’s not over any time soon. It feels longer than usual, and there’s still so much to do. Don’t worry, this is when your workday becomes Werkday®. It’s time to turn that afternoon crash into a productive dash.

Our single-origin, Guatemalan estate beans have a medium roast that carries a smooth, balanced flavor while providing the spark needed for any pick-me-up moment. With a little more caffeine than our darker roasts, it’s the afternoon fuel to get your midday motor running.

Coffee Highlights:



High Country
High Country

Good people, good vibes, good times. Conversations run light and are best balanced by deep flavor. From the highlands of Columbia to your social gathering, memorable experiences deserve a memorable companion.

Full-bodied and full of flavor, our high roast brings out notes of malt, toasted nuts, and an intense caramel finish. This 100% Arabica selection from the highlands of Columbia is the perfect complement to a great get-together.

Coffee Highlights:



There you have it, three fantastic flavors available in our commercially compostable K-Cup® style coffee pods. While we hope our recommendations are helpful, we encourage you to explore the flavors and find your fit. That’s the beauty of coffee!

No matter how you take your coffee, we also encourage you to commercially compost your Smile Coffee Werks® coffee pods. To find commercial composting locations nationwide, visit

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